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Madagascar (Freytag & Berndt - 1:800.000)
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Price: 45.00 RON

Madagascar (Freytag & Berndt - 1:800.000)

( Freytag & Berndt )

Madagascar on a large, double-sided, indexed road map with tourist information, a plan of central Antananarivo and an inset showing the Comoros Islands. National parks and other protected areas are highlighted on a base map with topography shown by bold relief shading with spot heights.

Road network includes seasonal tracks and shows locations of petrol stations and driving distances on main routes. Railways, local airports and ferry routes are marked and the map shows the country's administrative boundaries with names of districts.

The map is indexed and includes an informative street plan of central Antananarivo highlighting various places of interest, including museums, religious buildings, selected hotels, etc. Also included is an inset showing Comoros Islands and Mayotte at the same scale of 1:800,000 as the main map.

Scale: 1:800.000

Size: 130 x 255 mm



Parameters of Product: Térkép
Lépték 1:800.000

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URL: http://www.mapmag.ro/en/freytag-berndt/continents/africa/madagascar-freytag-berndt-1800.000.html