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Road Maps arrow Caribbean Islands (Marco Polo - 1:2.500.000)
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Caribbean Islands (Marco Polo - 1:2.500.000)
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Caribbean Islands (Marco Polo - 1:2.500.000)

( Marco Polo )

Caribbean Islands on a large, double-sided, indexed road map with tourist information. An extensive index lists contains countries and towns as well as geographical features such as seas, bays, islands, peninsulas, mountains, etc., plus provides an extensive, country by country list of national parks and other protected areas.

Maps in the MairDumont's Marco Polo series have a special fold-out flap in the jacket providing an overview of the whole area and highlighting popular locations, with the grid reference system in the margins making it easier to find places on the main map. A set of seven peel-on/peel-off stickers, removable without damaging the map surface, is provided for making selected locations more prominent.

Both geographical names of various island groups (Leeward, Windward, etc.), and political names and boundaries of the countries and dependencies are shown, with, where appropriate, associations to UK, France, etc. Bathymetric tints with depths values provide information on the surrounding seas, again with names of geographical features such as ridges, basins, straights and passages, etc. Main coral reefs are also marked. Bermuda is included as an inset.

Scale: 1:2.500.000

Size: 130 x 250 mm

Source: http://utikonyv.eu/


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Lépték 1:2.500.000

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