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Atlas of Sălaj County (Hiszi - Suncart)
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Atlas of Sălaj County (Hiszi - Suncart)

( Hiszi Map )

289 maps with information about the localities

Maps of Zilah, 3 towns and 56 communes - 289 maps in totality


map of the county: 1:200.000

maps of cities: 1:15.000, 1:12.500

communes, villages: 1:15.000, 1:25.000

Size: 160 x 235 mm

Pages: 246

Language: Romanian, Hungarian, English

The 3846 square kms Salaj County is situated in the northwestern part of Romania, neighbouring the following counties: Bihor, Cluj, Maramures and Satu Mare. The county is divided into 60 territorial-administrative units: 1 county residence, 3 cities, 56 communes, which include 285 rural settlements, out of which 12 localities belong to urban centers, respectively to the resident county capital – Zalau and to the cities Cehu Silvaniei, Simleu Silvaniei and Jibou.


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Lépték 1:200.000, 1:15.000, 1:12.500, 1:25.000

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