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SkiGuide (Adac - 2010) Atlas of Cluj County (Hiszi - Suncart)
Atlas of Arad County (Hiszi - Suncart)
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Atlas of Arad County (Hiszi - Suncart)

( Hiszi Map )

283 maps with information

Maps of Arad, 9 towns and 68 communes - 283 detailed maps in totality.


map of the county: 1:200.000

other maps: 1:15.000 - 1:25.000

Size: 160 x 235 mm

Pages: 246

Being situated on the western side of the country, Arad county is bordering Bihor, Alba, Hunedoara and Timis cointies and represents the main entrance gate to Romania from Centran and Western Europe. The county is stretching over 7654 square km and including 78 territorial and administrative units out of which one is municipality – Arad, the county residence, there are nine cities - Chișineu, Criș, Curtici, Ineu, Lipova, Nădlac, Pecica, Pâncota, Sebiș, Sântana and 68 communes.


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