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Greece (Marco Polo - 1:300.000)
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Greece (Marco Polo - 1:300.000)

( Marco Polo )

Greece at 1:800,000 from MairDumont with special features to aid navigation. Coverage includes the whole of the Aegean with the western coast of Turkey and Istanbul. Street plans are provided for central Athens, Thessaloniki, Iraklion and Rhodes Town.

Maps in the MairDumont's Marco Polo series have a special fold-out flap in the map jacket providing an overview of the whole area and highlighting popular locations, with the grid reference system in the margins making it easier to find places on the main map. A set of seven peel-on/peel-off stickers, removable without damaging the map surface, is provided for making selected locations more prominent when navigating.

The map covers the whole of Greece with the Aegean Sea and its islands, including the northern coast of Crete to provide clearer information on various ferry routes. The whole of Crete is also included as an inset. The map also shows Aegean coast of Turkey, extending north to cover the Sea of Marmara with Istanbul and the Bosphorus, and south to Bodrum and Marmaris.

Relief shading with numerous spot heights and names of mountain ranges shows the topography. Road network includes selected minor roads and local tracks, and indicates distances on main routes. Scenic routes are highlighted. Railway lines are included, plus numerous ferry routes between the mainland and the islands.


Scale: 1:800.000

Size: 130 x 250 mm



Parameters of Product: Térkép
Lépték 1:300.000
URL: http://www.mapmag.ro/en/marco-polo/road-maps/greece-marco-polo-1300.000.html