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Road Atlas of Greece (Road Edition - 1:425.000)
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Road Atlas of Greece (Road Edition - 1:425.000)

( Road Edition )

Road Atlas of Greece from Road Editions in an A4, spiral-bound format, with 45 street plans. The country is presented on 46 pages of maps, with all place names shown in both Greek and Latin alphabets. Relief colouring with spot heights indicates the terrain. Road network includes unsurfaced roads of good quality and indicates locations of toll stations and rest areas on motorways. Scenic routes and national parks are highlighted. Symbols mark archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, campsites, beaches, etc. The maps have no geographical coordinates. Dual index shows place names in both alphabets.

45 street plans show central areas of cities and towns, both on the mainland and on the larger islands, with one way streets, selected hotels and banks, fuel supplies, and various places of interest.

Scale: 1:425.000

Size: 294 x 212 x 22 mm


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