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Hărţi turistice arrow Bulgaria (Szarvas - Hibernia - 1:440.000)
Bulgaria (Holiday Maps - 1:400.000)Harta turistică şi rutieră a Bulgariei şi a litoralului bulgar
Bulgaria (Szarvas - Hibernia - 1:440.000)
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Pret: 25.00 RON

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Bulgaria (Szarvas - Hibernia - 1:440.000)

( Dimap - Hibernia -Szarvas )

Bulgaria (Szarvas - Hibernia - 1:440.000)

Scară: 1:440.000

Dimensiune: 130 x 235 mm

Hărți ale orașelor: Albena, Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse etc.


Parameters of Category: Térkép
Lépték 1:440.000, 1:140.000

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